For your stone projects, we offer a variety of different marble, quartz and granite for kitchen countertops and backsplashes, bathroom countertops and vanities, walls and showers, Jacuzzi and bathtub surrounds, fireplace surrounds, barbeque surrounds and steps, stairs, floors, thresholds and walkways.

When customers request granite, quartz and marble, the professionals at Exclusive Marble & Granite Design Fabricators Inc. assist them every step of the way. Our process is as follows:


We review your sketches, drawings or plans; working with you to determine the best materials, styles and designs to be incorporated into your space.


We help you select the particular marble, quartz or granite and edge that will best suit your wants and needs.


We’re upfront with our prices and provide them as soon as the material selection is finalized.


We schedule an appointment for one of our employees to visit your location to precisely measure and create a template for the project.


We bring the template back to the shop for our craftsmen to use to create the various pieces for your project. They also polish the edging with a diamond pad and water for best results.


We deliver all the materials to your site, carefully install the stone, ensuring that any seams are lined up correctly and that the stone fits perfectly in its designated space. 

Including installation, this process has a turnaround of three to four days. Our professionals are quick and efficient, and provide you with beautiful granite, quartz and marble installations for your residential or commercial building for years to come.

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